Everyday and fantasy props for BJDs - creation on demand

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Welcome in the Emporium

Every BJD is unique. Their personnality, their physical appearances, their clothing preferences, all this was created slowly, details after details, either carefully chosen, after many tries, or by chance.


The character's there, in resin and strings. There is just a little something missing... A scaled prop, maybe, so their life can get realistic. It's enough to make a huge difference!


Some everyday item, a tool, a weapon?

That's not something you can easily find, I know from experience...

 So I'm making props. Just for you following your requirements, or maybe from my lines ? Have a look on the shelves.


Do you want to know more? Or have a look on the workshop?

 Do you need an answer or wish to place an order? Come and have a chat with the owner.

What's up?

Ldoll Festival

Many many many thanks to all those who stopped by at my booth. It's always a great pleasure to meet you and chat together!

Not all things are for dolls

Because your dolls are not the only ones to indulge for, my miniatures are now turned into fashion accessoiries. Wearable dioramas, set as brooches and pendants, to express yourself and your center of interests : Please visit La Quiddité!