I love convention. Besides it is a wonderful place to see all the marvels that other artists make, it the place where I can see you!

To see your faces, your eyes and your smile, to hear your voice and what you share with me is very important.

Because though it's my work, I do it for you, for your dolls and your pictures.

LDoll Festival 6 in Lyon

 October the 29th and 30th 2016

Those last two years were hard times. We all need a little safe haven to relax. That's why this year's theme is "Home sweet home".

- pearshape sitting bags to relax (some smell like pop corn!)

- picture frames to have good memories and loved ones in sight

- rugs to get our naked feet comfy and feel good enven lying on the ground.

- American style bubblegum dispensers for a pop and sweet feel

- Felt basket to keep laundry or magazines right at hand

- magazines

- cups of coffee, tea ou cocoa for instant comfort


Since it will be nearly Christmas :

-Decorated trees and boxes!


As per usual books in every size and colour, and some candies (well, it's closer from Hallowwen that it is from Christmas!)


The display

The paper goodie

Get your free paper goodie at the booth : a miniature shopping bag!

Find how you fold yours here.