Behind the counter

A word about the owner

The landlady works in the entertainment industry, building sets and making props. Sometimes, she takes cares of the wardrobe in theaters. She is also an English tutor.

Since she still have time on her hands, she makes miniature props for BJDs.

A word from the owner

I've known BJDs for about 15 years. I was in University then and could spend hours dreaming on Volks website, designing the perfect doll. But I never bought one. I knew perfectly well why I want a doll but these were bad reasons.

Lately, I heard that a College friend of mine collected BJDs and I saw how these dolls evolved for the better.

I looked for props to send to my friend as a gift but found very little. So I made the props myself. Soon, I was roaming BJD related forums and taking commissions.


Now I have good reasons to buy BJDs and own four resin creatures : Margot and Églantine, along with Nova and Pulsar.

The resin friends